360 Office

Nov 24 2016

The 360 video works on the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera

A quick prototype made in one day, to see how people behave in a 360 environment when they are impeted from different angles at the same time.

Because 360 video is a relatively new medium, filmmakers do not exactly know how to tell a story with this much freedom. There is no fixed frame, and the viewer can always decide to look away from a point of interest, possibly missing an important plot point.

In this video, four people are working, but get obstacles thrown on their way. Each office worker has a different way to overcome this obstacle. The actions these workers perform try to divert the viewers' attention to different angles, by using spatial sound. But when you are looking at one person, you cannot see what the others are doing, possibly missing out on changes in the setting.
Because we use four separate segments of the 360 view, we create four frames for the viewer to look at. This merges classic filmmaking with the new ways, giving the viewer a sense of comfort because they are accustomed to this way of watching a film.

In the end, we concluded that viewers were mostly attracted to the viewing-angle that was screaming for the most attention sound-wise, but you need to give the viewer some time to turn their body and find a comfortable stance. But when there is not much happening the viewer most likely goes looking around for something interesting to see.
Ideally, the viewer gets attracted to one side by sound, gets some time to find the source, and then the visual information is given. This way the viewer won't miss out on important parts of the story.